About me

I am an assistant professor in Management Studies at IIT Roorkee. I am also a joint faculty in Centre of Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences (CAIDS) at IIT Roorkee.

My research interests are broadly in decision making under uncertainty. In the past, I have worked on several areas such as machine learning, restless bandits, game theory and queuing systems.

On these pages you will be able to find a lot about my technical interests. I hope you enjoy them and find them helpful to what interests you. I believe that a curious mind along with good knowledge of techniques can systematically approach several challenging problems.

If you are interested in the areas that I work on/would like to provide suggestions/have discussions on any topic mentioned in this site, please drop me a mail.


  • 12 March, 2021. Submitted a proposal on "Reinforcement Learning Approaches for Multi-armed Restless Bandit Problems" to serb.
  • 20 December, 2020. Notification of acceptance for the paper "Computing an Efficient Exploration Basis for Learning with Univariate Polynomial Features" coauthored with S. Bhat and C. Amballa to AAAI 2020.
  • 18 November, 2020. Coordinating a TEQIP-III sponsored faculty development program on "Open-source tools for scientific computing: Scilab, Python, R, and Latex" with A. Tripathi. Click here to register.
  • 13 November, 2020. Notification of acceptance for the paper "A unifying computation of Whittle’s Index for Markovian bandits" coauthored with U. Ayesta and I. M. Verloop to Mathematical Methods of Operations Research.
  • 30 October, 2020. Submitted a proposal on "Reinforcement Learning for Innovative Business Models" in collaboration with Singapore Management University and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to ASEAN INDIA.
  • 25 September, 2020. Co-ordinator for operations area in Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Emerging Trends of Management Research at DoMS, IITR.
  • 10 August, 2020. Signed to develop a specialization on "leveraging data science for supply chain management" with coursera.
  • 31 December, 2019 and older news. Click here